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ADEK Audio Transfers & Digitizing


COVID19: ACCEPTING DROP OFFS BY APPT!  Digitize your media, they won't last forever on tape or LP! We'll digitize your Audio Reels, Cassettes, LPs, CDs, 8 Track Tapes, and other audio media to MP3s, WAV Files, CDs, Flash Drive, or Cloud Storage. Digital files can be uploaded, emailed, and archived! All work is completed IN HOUSE, by hand, so we oversee your project from start to finish. Bring them in today!


Take Advantage of This Time Off!

All of our work is completed in a designated MEDIA LAB. One technician is assigned to your job. We quality check and test all completed jobs, guaranteeing the best possible results from your media. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!
Please think twice about sending your films in the mail.
We encourage you to use a local conversion lab for the safety and security of your treasured media - SHIPPING INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER PERSONAL ITEMS such as your beloved family treasures, they are irreplaceable. If you must send them out, please do your homework to ensure that you are sending them to a professional with liability insurance and a solid reputation. With ADEK, rest assured, we are a licensed and insured brick and mortar business.

Audio Cassettes & CDs

Cassette > CD
$25 up to 60 minutes.
$15 for each addt'l 30 minutes.

CD > MP3 or WAV 
$35 up to 60 minutes
$15 for each addt'l 30 mins.

Mini Cassettes > MP3 or WAV
$35 up to 60 minutes
$15 for each addt'l 30 mins.
Optional ADD-ON CD $15

Editing options available.

Audio Reel to Reel Tapes

The lengths of audio reels vary, the factors are film length, speed, and whether the tape has been recorded on both sides. Digital files or transfer to CD.

Audio 1/4" Reel to Reel Conversion to MP3 or WAV files:
$35 per hour. Min. $35/reel - Bulk transfer rates available.
Bulk Transfers (5+ reels): $25 per hour.

Audio 1/2" Reel to Reel Conversion to MP3 or WAV files:
Current Studio Rate Applies $75/hr to $125/hr

General Rule: (single side)
7-1/2 ips - 2400ft/1hr - 1800ft/45 mins - 1200ft/30mins
3-3/4 ips - 2400ft/2hrs - 1800ft/1.5hrs - 1200ft/1hr
1-7/8 ips - 2400ft/4hrs - 1800ft/3hrs - 1200ft/2hrs

Editing options available.

Records • LPs

LP transfer to WAV
$35 for current LPs (33s, 45s)
$65 for vintage LPs (78s)

WAV to CD - add $15
Record Cleaning - $25

Editing options available.

8-Track Tapes

8-Track tape to MP3 or WAV
1-2 tapes $65 ea.
Each addt'l tape $35 ea.

MP3 or WAV to CD - Add: $15 

Editing options available.

PLEASE NOTE: The foam will need repair in most 8-Track tapes ($15 min.)

Audio Transfer & Digitizing Services

If you aren't sure give us your best guess, or just bring it in!

of the media types you have. If yours is not listed, please elaborate. If you need something special, please provide details on the last page.