Rain Date/Inclement Weather

Rain Date: $650 minimum fee 

If you opt for a Rain Date, which ensures that your event can be rescheduled for another date in the case of inclement weather, you must secure this option at least 2(two) weeks* prior to your event date. Notice of rescheduling must take place between the hours of 10am and 5pm M-F or Sat. between 11am and 3pm no later than the day before your event is to take place. Last minute reschedules will be considered on a case by case basis and may incur penalty service fees.

We suggest that if you THINK weather may be an issue, you should select this option ASAP as your rain date may not always be available, nor can we guarantee it's availability unless the RAIN DATE FEE HAS BEEN PAID. So coordination and timing is key. Please ask for details with regard to your specific event to be sure. 

 Inclement Weather:

PRIOR TO EVENT DATE: Canceling due to inclement weather PRIOR to your event date, WITHOUT a "rain date" option in place, our normal cancelation policy applies. 

ON EVENT DATE/EXPECTED INCLEMENT WEATHER: If you have opted to move forward with your event when inclement weather is expected, once we have assessed the situation to be potentially hazardous to either our staff or equipment, we have the option to:

• refuse setup**
• to limit setup**
• to alter setup**

AFTER SETUP: If we are forced to shut down, AFTER initiating setup, because of potential hazardous conditions to either our staff or equipment, you may be subject to an ADDITIONAL FEE of no less than $650. This fee will apply if we must break down our equipment in the rain, snow, sleet, or other hazardous conditions, or if we are forced to shut down and load out abruptly. 

 *In some cases, if the event is very large and has lots of moving pieces, you may be required to secure the rain date option at least 4(four) weeks in advance of your event date. 
**Credits or refunds for these changes will not apply.


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