Media Conversions

It is our goal to achieve the best possible result from your original media submission and will make whatever attempts possible to do so. However, certain aspects of the media’s, condition, recording quality, age, etc., may contribute to and/or adversely affect the end result of which we have no control. If after our attempts so successfully transfer/digitize your media, and it is determined that the media is inaudible, unsalvageable or otherwise not transferrable, an amount equal to 50% of the transfer price, min. $15 per item reviewed will be due. If media is not functionally transferrable, payment will be waived.

YOUR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Client agrees that film based media deteriorates over time and that poorly recorded media can affect the quality of the outcome. However, transferrable, results can be compromised to varying degrees in some cases. Although we do our best to transfer content with best of care and quality, Client agrees that ADEK will not in any way be held liable for less than satisfactory results and/or the unlikelihood of damage resulting from the transfer process. Client remains responsible for payment regardless of the possibility of "less than perfect" results resulting from the transfer process of Customer supplied media and/or poorly recorded media.

Client acknowledges that safety tabs on tape media, if applicable, may be removed prior to transfer.
Client acknowledges that all media will be transferred if functionally possible regardless of footage quality.
ADEK will not be held liable for items held 30 days after completion. Storage fees may apply.

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