COVID-19 We are open MWF 10am to 5pm for drop off and pickup of your digitized/transferred/converted films ONLY. No face to face interaction. Read more below.

Slide | Photo | Negative Scanning

Photo Scans

Photo scanning, color correction, editing. Full restoration available.

Slide Scanning

Scanned by hand. 35mm and larger format slides. Up to 2400 ppi.

Negative Scanning

Scanned by hand. 35mm and large formats. Vintage Glass negatives too.


All digitizing jobs are completed in house. BRING THEM IN - MAIL THEM IN! We ensure high quality transfers handled carefully with the utmost of care by individuals that manage each and every job personally. We can help you customize your transfer for archiving, gift giving, or presentation purposes.

We've been transferring/digitizing film for over 15 years. Most recently, the digital age has impacted the processes and quality of digital transfers in many positive ways and it continues to get better and better. With that said, there is no time like the present to digitize your media as they degrade over time. Digitizing now will preserve your treasures and will ensure that your memories are not lost forever.

Your films are handled and digitized in our Annapolis, Maryland location.

Digital files are provided to you on
Flash Drive - USB - or Data Disc.
Formats: JPG | TIF | PNG or whatever you choose.

If you need to mail your media to us, we'll be happy to help you with the process.

Transfer now, preserve your memories in digital format
One transfer technician is assigned to your job, not a machine.
Multiple resolution options available.
Digital images are carefully scrutinized and adjusted for color, contrast, and clarity during the process.

Pricing varies depending upon exactly what you have, the quantity as well as the condition of your media.

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